How to Live with Purpose and Meaning, Without Turning Your Life Upside Down

New salon with Justin Brown and Rudá Iandê

Join this free salon as Rudá Iandê shares three key life lessons on how to live with purpose and meaning.

We cover:

1. How to find your soul mate

2. How to live a spiritual life in a world full of material things

3. How to find a guru

By the end, you'll have shattered some of your preconceived notions about how to live a life of purpose and meaning.

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Justin Brown

Justin Brown founded Ideapod after dropping out of a PhD program in international political economy. He's overseen Ideapod's evolution from a social network for ideas into a global media platform with millions of monthly readers. Ideapod Academy is their latest initiative, building online education programs to help people build deeper connections with their personal power so they can live more authentic, creative and fulfilling lives.